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Barycypraea fultoni fultoni - (Sowerby, 1903)
South Africa. Natal. Ramsgate. Dredged at 90m. 2017.
F++  /  60mm
Live-taken, very slender specimen with a very beautiful pattern. Shell slightly unequelly rounded. One tiny imperfection in the columellar callus, probably a repelled octopus attack.
6500.00 EUR
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Cypraeovula volvens - Fazzini and Bergonzoni, 2004
South Africa. Port Alfred. Dredged. March 2018.
F+  /  23mm
Two tiny attempts to octopus hole: one on the base and one on the edge of the margin. Very rare species.
1000.00 EUR
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Zonaria pyrum pyrum - (Gmelin, 1791)
Greece. Rodos. Kopria beach. Dived. October 1986.
F+  /  44mm
large. Small spot on dorsum where the upper layer is gone (looks like a small, paler dot, but upon closer examination it turns out to be a small imperfection).
30.00 EUR
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Swiftopecten swifti - (Bernardi, 1858)
China. Yellow Sea. off Douluandao island. Trawled at 40-80m. November 2015.
F++  /  84mm
bright orange, almost fluorescent upper valve. Actually more orange than the photo, which contains too much yellow.
25.00 EUR
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Zoila rosselli latistoma - Lorenz, 2002
Australia. Albany. Two People's Bay. Dived at 25-30m. July 2009.
F++  /  52mm
Very dark. 'Blurry', wavy edges.
450.00 EUR
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Lyncina kuroharai - (Kuroda and Habe, 1961)
Taiwan. NET. Near Tiao-Yu-Tai Island. August 2018.
F++  /  44mm
Small growth line at anterior terminal.
480.00 EUR
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Lyncina kuroharai - (Kuroda and Habe, 1961)
Taiwan. NET. Near Tiao-Yu-Tai Island. August 2018.
F++  /  38mm
A very typical shell without defects. Rare these days!
480.00 EUR
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Zoila jeaniana aurata - Raybaudi, 1979
Australia. WA. Shark Bay. at 100m. 1999.
F++  /  88mm
Very good size and fantastic pattern. A few tiny irregularities. Very special shape: like the first ones in the new Guide. Conchologically somewhat in between jeaniana jeaniana and the typical, more bulbous aurata.
1850.00 EUR
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Zoila orientalis raybaudii - Lorenz, 1992
Australia. SA. Kangaroo Island. Dived at 15-20m.
F+++  /  52mm
A rare subspecies, hard to find these days. Lovely mottled pattern.
480.00 EUR
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Pionoconus barthelemeyi jeanduvali - Bozzetti, 2010
Maldives islands.
F+++  /  43mm
The rare subspecies or form from the Maldives islands. This is a very pale specimen in superb condition!
350.00 EUR
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Dauciconus scalarissimus - da Motta, 1988
Mexico. WM. Sonora. from fishermen. August 1978.
F++  /  57mm
100.00 EUR
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Zoila rosselli raywalkeri fma regularis - Lorenz, 2017
Australia. WA. off Windy Harbour. By ROV on sponge wall covering the ridge of the reef at 100-130m.April 2015.
F++  /  49mm
Nice specimen, without fishbites. Small scar on dorsum, hardly visible.Rarity in this condition.
1100.00 EUR
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Athleta nana - (Rehder and Weaver, 1974)
Mozambique. SM. Off Inhambane. Trawled at ca 350m. October 2017.
F++  /  17mm
seldom available. A small, but intricate Athleta species.
160.00 EUR
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Euphaedusa ishibei - Nordsieck, 2007
China. Guizhou. Xio Wen Xuan. Da Shi Xiang. Hui Shui Shi Lin. January 2011.
F+  /  29mm
Seldom available. Proto imperfect.
90.00 EUR
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Zoila thersites thersites fma atrata - Sulliiotti, 1924
Australia. SA. Pine Point. Dived at 20-25m. 1980.
F+++  /  73mm
Densely spotted with dark reddish brown overcast. Looks a bit 'flattened', hence wider than the average.
280.00 EUR