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Callistocypraea leucodon leucodon fma escotoi - Poppe, 2004
Philippines. Aliguay island. In tangle nets at 180-220m. February 2018.
F+  /  76mm
Small spot in centre of dorsum. Diffuse pattern in this bulbous shell. Rarely offered and leucodon seems to be becoming more and more difficult to get.
700.00 EUR
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Tonna allium - (Dillwyn, 1817)
Philippines. Gigantes islands. In between Gigante Sur and Gigante Norte. Dived at ca 50m. November 2004.
F++  /  92mm
scalariform freak specimen
25.00 EUR
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Callistocypraea broderipii - (Gray, 1832)
South Africa. Kwa-Zulu Natal. Near Port Shepstone. Dredged on low profile reef at 75-100m. January 2006.
F++  /  76mm
Rather slender specimen from Port Shepstone. A few tiny scratches. Diffuse pattern.
1450.00 EUR
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Mauritia grayana - Schilder, 1930
Egypt. NE. Suez. Ras Sedr. Dived at 20m.
F++  /  65mm
Completely covered in rusty orange overcast.
140.00 EUR
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Lyncina sulcidentata - (Gray, 1824)
Hawaiian islands. Oahu. Dived at ca 20m. August 1989.
F+  /  21mm
Quality explained by the white imperfection close to the canal. Exactly 21.0 mm, only 0.6mm bigger than the officially registered smallest WRS and yet truly adult with thick margins, strong callus and strong teeth.
35.00 EUR
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Palmulacypraea boucheti - Lorenz, 2002
Taiwan. Peng-Hui island. Trawled at ca 200m. May 2018.
F+++  /  18mm
live-taken. Very nice high dark blotch on left margin.
280.00 EUR
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Tropidauchenis fuchsi - Gredler, 1884
China. GuangXi province. Zhuang. Zizhqu. Guilin. April 2004.
F++  /  30mm
Superb colour: dark band near upper sutures, penultimate whorl with paler band at mid-whorl.
40.00 EUR
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Argonauta argo - Linnaeus, 1758
Madagascar. Fort Dauphin. From local fishermen. September 2013.
F++  /  184mm
Uncommon in this area. Very nice size and quality.
100.00 EUR
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Conus gloriamaris - Chemnitz, 1778
Philippines. Bohol. In tangle nets at ca 180m. 1993.
F++  /  136mm
Very large. So-called 'golden form'.
185.00 EUR
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Umbilia armeniacea andreyi - Lorenz and Beals, 2012
Australia. WA. Augusta. By ROV at 230m. 2016.
F++  /  73mm
live-taken! Tiny imperfection on mid-dorsum. Typical colours.
2200.00 EUR
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Zoila eludens eludens - Raybaudi, 1991
Australia. WA. Exmouth. Murion Island. Dived on sponges at 35-40m. 2017.
F+++  /  64mm
high dorsum. Very intense pattern.
1200.00 EUR
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Zoila rosselli raywalkeri - Lorenz, 2013
Australia. SWA. Windy Harbour. By ROV at ca 120m. 2017.
F+  /  51mm
Typical bright orange colouration of the base, dorsum with a large paler area. Still very glossy and no real defects, but fresh-dead.
4500.00 EUR
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Perotrochus quoyanus - (Fischer and Bernardi, 1856)
Guadeloupe. NG. off Fajou. Dredged at 300m. February 2018.
F++  /  41mm
w/o. A few small chips in the slit, as usual, but otherwise in very nice condition. This specimen actually belongs to the forma gemma.
800.00 EUR
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Conus nocturnus nocturnus - Lightfoot, 1786
Indonesia. Irian Jaya. Misool. Dived at ca 20m. 2017.
F+  /  44mm
some erosion on apex.
650.00 EUR
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Conus jourdani - da Motta, 1984
St Helena. Flagstaff Bay. Dived at ca 15m.
F+  /  24mm
live-taken, but with small growth line on back and small chips in lip.
650.00 EUR