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Palmulacypraea boucheti - Lorenz, 2002
Taiwan. Peng-Hui island. Trawled at ca 200m. May 2018.
F+++  /  18mm
live-taken. Very nice high dark blotch on left margin.
280.00 EUR
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Tropidauchenis fuchsi - Gredler, 1884
China. GuangXi province. Zhuang. Zizhqu. Guilin. April 2004.
F++  /  30mm
Superb colour: dark band near upper sutures, penultimate whorl with paler band at mid-whorl.
40.00 EUR
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Argonauta argo - Linnaeus, 1758
Madagascar. Fort Dauphin. From local fishermen. September 2013.
F++  /  184mm
Uncommon in this area. Very nice size and quality.
100.00 EUR
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Conus gloriamaris - Chemnitz, 1778
Philippines. Bohol. In tangle nets at ca 180m. 1993.
F++  /  136mm
Very large. So-called 'golden form'.
185.00 EUR
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Umbilia armeniacea andreyi - Lorenz and Beals, 2012
Australia. WA. Augusta. By ROV at 230m. 2016.
F++  /  73mm
live-taken! Tiny imperfection on mid-dorsum. Typical colours.
2200.00 EUR
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Zoila eludens eludens - Raybaudi, 1991
Australia. WA. Exmouth. Murion Island. Dived on sponges at 35-40m. 2017.
F+++  /  64mm
high dorsum. Very intense pattern.
1200.00 EUR
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Callistocypraea broderipii - (Gray, 1832)
South Africa. Natal. Aliwal Shoals. Dived in rock crevice at ca 30m. 2017.
F+  /  74mm
small growth line, resulting in a small bump on the dorsum.
1600.00 EUR
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Zoila rosselli raywalkeri - Lorenz, 2013
Australia. SWA. Windy Harbour. By ROV at ca 120m. 2017.
F+  /  51mm
Typical bright orange colouration of the base, dorsum with a large paler area. Still very glossy and no real defects, but fresh-dead.
4500.00 EUR
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Perotrochus quoyanus - (Fischer and Bernardi, 1856)
Guadeloupe. NG. off Fajou. Dredged at 300m. February 2018.
F++  /  41mm
w/o. A few small chips in the slit, as usual, but otherwise in very nice condition. This specimen actually belongs to the forma gemma.
800.00 EUR
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Barycypraea fultoni fultoni - (Sowerby, 1903)
South Africa. Natal. Ramsgate. At 90m deep. 2017.
F++  /  60mm
Very nice pattern, but still slightly subadult (visible on left-hand side of aperture: teeth still developing).
3800.00 EUR
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Conus nocturnus nocturnus - Lightfoot, 1786
Indonesia. Irian Jaya. Misool. Dived at ca 20m. 2017.
F+  /  44mm
some erosion on apex.
650.00 EUR
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Conus jourdani - da Motta, 1984
St Helena. Flagstaff Bay. Dived at ca 15m.
F+  /  24mm
live-taken, but with small growth line on back and small chips in lip.
650.00 EUR
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Tonna dolium - (Linnaeus, 1758)
Philippines. Palawan. From fishermen. April 2010.
F+  /  121mm
Freak specimen with almost flat spire and strongly angulated shoulders. From Palawan.
40.00 EUR
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Cypraea capensis profundorum - Seccombe, 2003
South Africa. East London. Dredged at 80m. August 2014.
F+++  /  24mm
120.00 EUR
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Tonna sulcosa - Born, 1778
Philippines. Masbate Island. July 2005.
F+  /  99mm
A colour freak: uniformly brown.
20.00 EUR