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Zoila jeaniana praeclara - Lorenz, 2020
Australia. WA. S Zuytdorp Cliffs. By ROV at 85m.
F++  /  71mm
Tiny chip on the inside of one extremity. In between F+ and F++, we'd say.
1100.00 EUR
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Zoila eludens eludens - Raybaudi, 1991
Australia. WA. Exmouth. Muiron islands. Dived on reef.
F+++  /  59mm
Dense pattern, high margines. Bulbous shell.
1400.00 EUR
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Naquetia fosteri - D'Attilio and Myers, 1987
Israel. Eilat. March 2005.
F++  /  71mm
w/o. Rare species in good condition.
1200.00 EUR
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Marmorofusus verbinneni - (Snyder, 2006)
Egypt. Hurghada. Berima. December 2005.
F++  /  62mm
Very rare species!
750.00 EUR
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Cypraeovula castanea malani - Lorenz and De Bruin, 2009
South Africa. Agulhas area. Danger Point. Dived at 30-35m. April 2012.
F+  /  34mm
A nice rarity. A few small irregularities. Live-taken.
1500.00 EUR
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Kioconus lecourtorum - (Lorenz, 2011)
Mauritius. St Brandon Shoal. Lunch Island. In coral rubble in shallow water. June 2015.
F++  /  11mm
Very nice quality. Hardly ever available due to its locality.
500.00 EUR
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Cypraeovula volvens - Fazzini and Bergonzoni, 2004
South Africa. Port Alfred area. Fish River Dredged at 90 m. March 2018.
F++  /  21mm
1000.00 EUR
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Cassis patamakanthini - Parth, 2000
Australia. NWA. South Passage. By ROV at 90m.
F++  /  28mm
live-taken. Sipo very slightly rough.
1900.00 EUR
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Luria pulchra pulchra - (Gray, 1824)
Sudan. Port Sudan. Wreck of MV Umbria. Dived at 20m.
F++  /  76.6mm
Small hairline. Large. Impressive shell!
1100.00 EUR
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Callistocypraea broderipii - (Gray, 1832)
South Africa. Natal. South Coast. Dived in cave.
F++  /  92.5mm
Large, bulbous. Tiny spot in edge of mantle line.
4500.00 EUR
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Tonna dolium - (Linnaeus, 1758)
Philippines. Palawan. From fishermen. April 2010.
F+  /  121mm
Freak specimen with almost flat spire and strongly angulated shoulders.
40.00 EUR
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Athleta kilburni - (Rehder, 1974)
South Africa. Natal. off Durban. Trawled at 500m. August 1980.
F++  /  37mm
350.00 EUR
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Helicophanta bicingulata - Smith, 1882
Madagascar. Farafangana.
F++  /  66mm
w/cuticle. The very shell pictured in Poppe & Groh: A Conchological Iconography - Acavidae. Plate 33, nr. 1
35.00 EUR
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Zoila ketyana bataviensis - Lorenz and Morisson, 2001
Australia. WA. Kalbarri. By ROV at 38-40m.
F+++  /  51.1mm
sparse spotting.
780.00 EUR
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Cypraea tigris pardalis - Shaw, 1794
Philippines. Negros island. 10m deep. June 2007.
F+  /  57mm
small line in columellar callus, which is vey thick and heavy, even strongly extending beyond the margins. Dark caentral part with smaller spots along the margin.
20.00 EUR