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Lyria cloveriana gabryae - Poppe, 1991
Sri Lanka. Matara. June 2005.
F++  /  59mm
450.00 EUR
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Cypraea tigris pardalis - Shaw, 1794
Philippines. Negros island. 10m deep. June 2007.
F+  /  57mm
small line in columellar callus, which is vey thick and heavy, even strongly extending beyond the margins. Dark caentral part with smaller spots along the margin.
20.00 EUR
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Zoila jeaniana aurata - Raybaudi, 1979
Australia. WA. off Dampier. September 1976.
F+++  /  56.7mm
Small specimen with busy pattern.
450.00 EUR
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Mauritia grayana - Schilder, 1930
Egypt. NE. Suez. Ras Sedr. Dived at 20m.
F++  /  65mm
Completely covered in rusty orange overcast.
140.00 EUR
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Bolma millegranosa - (Kuroda and Habe, 1958)
Philippines. Mactan. Punta Engano. From tangle nets at ca 180m. July 1994.
F+  /  33mm
Yellow form. some spines broken.
15.00 EUR
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Cribrarula cumingii - (Gray, 1832)
French Polynesia. Tahiti. Punaauia. 40-45m deep.
F+++  /  18.1mm
Large. Vivid rusty orange colouration. Much darker as usual.
190.00 EUR
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Bistolida nanostraca - Lorenz and Chiapponi, 2012
Cargados Caragos Shoals (St. Brandon).
F++  /  16.8mm
Top of the bill for this species: live-taken, which is hardly ever available. Central dorsum not 100% smooth. Great colour: cannot be compared with a dead-taken one.
700.00 EUR
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Zoila ketyana bataviensis - Lorenz and Morisson, 2001
Australia. WA. Geraldton. Zeewijk Channel. By ROV at 52m.
F+++  /  52.7mm
Dark base.
900.00 EUR
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Zoila ketyana bataviensis - Lorenz and Morisson, 2001
Australia. WA. Kalbarri. By ROV at 38-40m.
F+++  /  51.1mm
sparse spotting.
780.00 EUR
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Macrocypraea cervinetta cervinetta - (Kiener, 1843)
Panama. WP. Panama Bay. Las Perlas. Pedro Gonzales. September 1982.
F+  /  99.5mm
Large. Small irregularity near anterior sipho.
45.00 EUR
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Naria helvola hawaiiensis - (Melvill, 1888)
Hawaiian Islands. Oahu. Dived at ca 15m. August 1973.
F++  /  32.5mm
new WRS (not officially registered yet)
250.00 EUR
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Turbinella pyrum fma napus - Lamarck, 1822
Sri Lanka. WSL. Puttalam area. From fishermen. Summer 2020.
F+  /  225mm
w/o. w/perio. Lower columella imperfect, some sponge attacks in upper spire. Special colour inside the aperture: reddish orange dots.
120.00 EUR
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Lobatus gallus - (Linnaeus, 1758)
Haiti. Chouchou Bay. Dived at ca 10m. October 2004.
F+  /  121mm
Freak w/ double finger! w/some perio. Waterstain on lower lip.
25.00 EUR
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Palmulacypraea boucheti - Lorenz, 2002
Taiwan. Peng-Hui island. Trawled at ca 200m. May 2018.
F+++  /  18mm
live-taken. Very nice high dark blotch on left margin.
280.00 EUR
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Kioconus richardsae - (Roeckel and Kohn, 1992)
Philippines. Balut Island. 50-80m deep. September 2020.
F++  /  45mm
145.00 EUR