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We are David and Kevin Monsecour, both shell collectors. Like most shell dealers the hobby grew and so many shells were acquired that we started selling shells next to our normal professions. We both specialised in different families, and almost don't have a general collection, so many of the species you can find on this site are not even in our own collections. Read more about us in the about us section.

A big part of our stock are shells from older collections we were able to buy in the past; there are some pieces that were once easy to get, but now very hard to obtain. We also have lots of fresh shells from all over the world. We have personal suppliers in Madagascar, the Philippines, Australia and regular input from other places.

All shells are selected and normally quality and size is indicated. The goal is to supply every sample of shells with a picture of one of the specimens available. This will most probably take some months, as the shell sales are next to our professions. When you want to see a not yet photographed shell or you want to know more about a shell with missing data, don't hesitate to contact us! We will supply you with photographs and place them online.

David & Kevin

Newest shells

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Monetaria moneta - (Linnaeus, 1758)
New Caledonia. Chesterfield reefs. Bellona Reef. Dived on reef at 5m. July 2001.
F+++  /  17mm
strong knobs. Rather depressed.
1.50 EUR
4 Mar 2021
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Eclogavena dayritiana - (Cate, 1963)
Philippines. Siasi. Sulu Sea. August 1977.
F++  /  16mm
4.00 EUR
4 Mar 2021
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Naria helvola helvola fma argella - (Melvill, 1888)
South Africa. Natal. South Coast. Dived. November 2014.
F+  /  28mm
tiny octopus attack near anal sipho.
4.00 EUR
4 Mar 2021
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Sycum bulbus - Solander
France. Damery. September 1973. Fossil: Lutetian.
F-  /  41mm
Fossil. lower part of lip with serious damage. Nice size.
2.00 EUR
4 Mar 2021
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Rhizoconus vexillum - (Gmelin, 1791)
Philippines. Marinduqe. Boac. December 1993
F/F+  /  86mm
upper lip damaged, some small growth marks.
3.00 EUR
2 Mar 2021

Top shells

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Archivolva alexbrowni - Lorenz, 2012
Egypt. Hurghada. Giftun Island. Dived at 20m. 2012.
F+++  /  18mm
elegant, elongate species. Rare.
250.00 EUR
2 Feb 2021
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Euprotomus hawaiensis - (Pilsbry, 1907)
Hawaiian islands. NW Oahu. Nehoa island. In crab trap at 200m. July 1987.
F+  /  81mm
fresh dead with only a little erosion. Very good colour and absolutely no scars near the lip, like ever so often in this species.
580.00 EUR
12 Jan 2021
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Penion mandarinus - Duclos, 1832
Australia. SA. Kangaroo island. August 1991.
F  /  150mm
Proto gone, some sponge attacks and two growth lines. Current WRS 156mm. Large specimen of this now seldomly offered species.
25.00 EUR
12 Jan 2021
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Callistocypraea broderipii - (Gray, 1832)
South Africa. Natal. Aliwal shoals. Dived in cave at 35-55m.
F++  /  73mm
A few small irregularities under the callus. Low mantle line. Large dots.
1400.00 EUR
3 Jan 2021
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Callistocypraea broderipii - (Gray, 1832)
South Africa. Natal. Aliwal shoals. Dived in cave at 35-55m.
F++  /  79mm
Two tine scratches in upper callus. Slighly distorted. Dense and clear pattern.
1600.00 EUR
3 Jan 2021