Welcome to the Monsecour Brothers specimen shells website!

We are David and Kevin Monsecour, both shell collectors. Like most shell dealers the hobby grew and so many shells were acquired that we started selling shells next to our normal professions. We both specialised in different families, and almost don't have a general collection, so many of the species you can find on this site are not even in our own collections. Read more about us in the about us section.

A big part of our stock are shells from older collections we were able to buy in the past; there are some pieces that were once easy to get, but now very hard to obtain. We also have lots of fresh shells from all over the world. We have personal suppliers in Madagascar, the Philippines, Australia and regular input from other places.

All shells are selected and normally quality and size is indicated. The goal is to supply every sample of shells with a picture of one of the specimens available. This will most probably take some months, as the shell sales are next to our professions. When you want to see a not yet photographed shell or you want to know more about a shell with missing data, don't hesitate to contact us! We will supply you with photographs and place them online.

David & Kevin

Newest shells

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Tridentarius dentatus - (Linnaeus, 1758)
Philippines. Olango island. Dived at 10-15m. April 2016.
F++  /  51mm
from Olango. Good size
3.00 EUR
13 Nov 2019
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Fusivoluta barnardi - Rehder, 1969
South Africa. off Durban. From fishermen. June 1988.
F  /  102mm
lip chipped along entire length
6.00 EUR
13 Nov 2019
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Athleta lutosa - (Koch, 1948)
South Africa. Western Cape. Trawled at 150m. April 1988.
F  /  60mm
8.00 EUR
13 Nov 2019
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Athleta lutosa - (Koch, 1948)
South Africa. Western Cape. Trawled. April 1988.
F/F+  /  72mm
rather rough
22.00 EUR
13 Nov 2019
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Marginella roseafasciata - Massier, 1993
South Africa. Natal. South coast. Dredged at 100-120m. May 2014.
F+  /  16mm
no defects, but dead-taken.
15.00 EUR
13 Nov 2019

Top shells

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Tonna morrisoni - Vos, 2005
Mozambique. Sofala Bank. Trawled at 40-50m. November 2004.
F+  /  86mm
Unusual orange mouth
65.00 EUR
8 Nov 2019
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Cylinder gloriamaris - (Chemnitz, 1777)
Philippines. Bohol. In tangle nets at ca 180m. 1993.
F++  /  136mm
Very large. So-called 'golden form'.
185.00 EUR
5 Nov 2019
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Achatina fulica - Bowdich, 1822
Philippines. Cebu. Danao. January 2000.
F+  /  86mm
35.00 EUR
26 Sep 2019
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Zoila perlae - Lopez and Chiang, 1975
Australia. NWA. Dampier. By ROV at 80m. 2016.
F+++  /  43mm
A very nice specimen with a nice coloration.
1850.00 EUR
13 Jun 2019
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Barycypraea fultoni fultoni - (Sowerby, 1903)
South Africa. Natal. Ramsgate. Dredged at 90m. 2017.
F++  /  60mm
Live-taken, very slender specimen with a very beautiful pattern. Shell slightly unequelly rounded. One tiny imperfection in the columellar callus, probably a repelled octopus attack.
6500.00 EUR
13 Jun 2019