About us

Kevin and David Monsecour both live in the small Belgian town of Aarschot. Professionally speaking, they are both teachers in a secondary school: Kevin teaches natural sciences and mathematics in Aarschot and David teaches foreign languages in Zaventem. They developed their interest in conchology through a family trip to Brittany, France in the early 1990s. Soon after this trip, they joined the Belgian Society for Conchology (BVC) and found their way to a more scientific way of collecting and studying shells. Their main focuses are Angaria and Columbellids for Kevin and Strombs, Harps and Colubraria for David. Thanks to numerous friends and fellow conchologists, they have had the opportunity to describe some new species and are currently working for the Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris) on Columbellids andColubraria from the museum’s extensive expeditions in the Indo-Pacific region.

This website is a new step in the world of conchology and they hope they will be able to share their passion and enthusiasm with you!

Good shelling!!