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Zoila rosselli edingeri fma satiata - Lorenz, 2002
Australia. WA. Quobba. May 2002.
F+  /  56.9mm
Small chips on inside of posterior canal. Some tiny water-inclusions (?) in base. Very dark specimen with some reddish.
650.00 EUR
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Zoila orientalis raybaudii - Lorenz, 2002
Australia. SA. Port Lincoln. Dived at 18-25m. January 2006.
F++  /  58.6mm
Not 100% smooth due to groth layers. Strongly inflated, very nice spotting.
650.00 EUR
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Naria helvola helvola x citrina citrina
South Africa. Natal. Richards Bay. February 2003.
F++  /  25mm
Strong teeth and margins like helvola, mantle line and pattern like citrina.
25.00 EUR
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Staphylaea semiplota - (Mighels, 1845)
Hawaiian islands. Pearl Harbor. Dived under coral at 15m. August 1975.
F++  /  19mm
Rusty orange-brown, no spots.
65.00 EUR
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Paradusta barclayi barclayi - (Reeve, 1857)
South Africa. S Natal. Protea Shoal. Dredged on reef at 45m. April 2004.
F++  /  25mm
400.00 EUR
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Cryptocypraea dillwyni - (Schilder, 1922)
French Polynesia. Tuamotu islands. Fakarava. May 1999.
F+++  /  11.8mm
Live-taken. Superb shell.
130.00 EUR
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Bistolida nanostraca - Lorenz and Chiapponi, 2005
Cargados Carajos Shoals (St Brandon Rocks). 1-2m deep.
F+++  /  14mm
Pale speicmen with very fine spots on margins. From an almost inaccessible area.
700.00 EUR
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Erronea fernandoi - Cate, 1969
Philippines. Samar. Calbayog area. Dived at 25m. December 1998.
F++  /  28.9mm
Pale specimen with rusty dorsal blotch. Rare! Big specimen
550.00 EUR
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Zoila thersites thersites fma atrata - Sulliiotti, 1924
Australia. SA. Pine Point. Dived at 20-25m. 1980.
F+++  /  73mm
Densely spotted with dark reddish brown overcast. Looks a bit 'flattened', hence wider than the average.
280.00 EUR
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Zoila perlae - Lopez and Chiang, 1975
Australia. WA. W of Onlow. On sponge at 82m. 2017.
F++  /  40mm
Small latreral spot close to base. Nice greenish grey colour.
1650.00 EUR
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Barycypraea fultoni fultoni - (Sowerby, 1903)
South Africa. Natal. Ramsgate. Dredged at 90m. 2017.
F++  /  60mm
Live-taken, very slender specimen with a very beautiful pattern. Shell slightly unequelly rounded. One tiny imperfection in the columellar callus, probably a repelled octopus attack.
6500.00 EUR
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Cypraeovula volvens - Fazzini and Bergonzoni, 2004
South Africa. Port Alfred. Dredged. March 2018.
F+  /  23mm
Two tiny attempts to octopus hole: one on the base and one on the edge of the margin. Very rare species.
1000.00 EUR
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Zoila rosselli latistoma - Lorenz, 2002
Australia. Albany. Two People's Bay. Dived at 25-30m. July 2009.
F++  /  52mm
Very dark. 'Blurry', wavy edges.
450.00 EUR
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Lyncina kuroharai - (Kuroda and Habe, 1961)
Taiwan. NET. Near Tiao-Yu-Tai Island. August 2018.
F++  /  38mm
A very typical shell without defects. Rare these days!
480.00 EUR
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Zoila rosselli raywalkeri fma regularis - Lorenz, 2017
Australia. WA. off Windy Harbour. By ROV on sponge wall covering the ridge of the reef at 100-130m.April 2015.
F++  /  49mm
Nice specimen, without fishbites. Small scar on dorsum, hardly visible.Rarity in this condition.
1100.00 EUR