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Athleta nana - (Rehder and Weaver, 1974)
Mozambique. SM. Off Inhambane. Trawled at ca 350m. October 2017.
F++  /  17mm
seldom available. A small, but intricate Athleta species.
160.00 EUR
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Euphaedusa ishibei - Nordsieck, 2007
China. Guizhou. Xio Wen Xuan. Da Shi Xiang. Hui Shui Shi Lin. January 2011.
F+  /  29mm
Seldom available. Proto imperfect.
90.00 EUR
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Vasum latiriforme - Rehder and Abbott, 1951
Mexico. Gulf of Mexico. Yucatan. Alacran reef. Dived at ca 35m. 1979.
F  /  49mm
Great rarity, apparently only about a dozen known in collections and not available any more on the shell market. This one has an eroded upper spire and lacks the protoconch.
275.00 EUR
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Mauritia grayana - Schilder, 1930
Egypt. NE. Suez. Ras Sedr. Dived at 20m.
F++  /  65mm
Completely covered in rusty orange overcast.
140.00 EUR
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Tonna allium - (Dillwyn, 1817)
Philippines. Gigantes islands. In between Gigante Sur and Gigante Norte. Dived at ca 50m. November 2004.
F++  /  92mm
scalariform freak specimen
25.00 EUR
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Tropidauchenis fuchsi - Gredler, 1884
China. GuangXi province. Zhuang. Zizhqu. Guilin. April 2004.
F++  /  30mm
Superb colour: dark band near upper sutures, penultimate whorl with paler band at mid-whorl.
40.00 EUR
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Umbilia armeniacea andreyi - Lorenz and Beals, 2012
Australia. WA. Augusta. By ROV at 230m. 2016.
F++  /  73mm
live-taken! Tiny imperfection on mid-dorsum. Typical colours.
2200.00 EUR
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Zoila rosselli raywalkeri - Lorenz, 2013
Australia. SWA. Windy Harbour. By ROV at ca 120m. 2017.
F+  /  51mm
Typical bright orange colouration of the base, dorsum with a large paler area. Still very glossy and no real defects, but fresh-dead.
4500.00 EUR
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Tonna dolium - (Linnaeus, 1758)
Philippines. Palawan. From fishermen. April 2010.
F+  /  121mm
Freak specimen with almost flat spire and strongly angulated shoulders. From Palawan.
40.00 EUR
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Tonna sulcosa - Born, 1778
Philippines. Masbate Island. July 2005.
F+  /  99mm
A colour freak: uniformly brown.
20.00 EUR
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Zoila) rosselli raywalkeri - Lorenz, 2011
Australia. SA. Windy Harbour.
F+  /  49mm
Some waterstains. Very rare species, often faked(baked satiata), but this the real thing! Incredible colour, even in a Zoila.
4300.00 EUR
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Conus lecourtorum - Lorenz, 2011
Mauritius. St Brandon Shoal. Lunch Island. In coral rubble in shallow water. June 2015.
F/F+  /  12mm
Endemic rarity. Lip chipped. Hardly ever available due to very restricted accessibility to the area.
400.00 EUR
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Bursa verrucosa - Sowerby, 1825
New Zealand. NENZ. Kermadec Islands. Dived on granite boulders at 20-30m. July 2009.
F+  /  33mm
w/o. Some erosion on back and upper spire.
220.00 EUR
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Chicoreus aculeatus - Lamarck, 1811
South Africa. Natal. South Coast. Dredged at ca 100m. June 2009.
F++  /  41mm
Almost never available from this locality!
60.00 EUR
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Cymbiola cymbiola - (Gmelin, 1971)
Indonesia. EI. Tanimbar island. On muddy sand at 15-25m. May 2006.
F+  /  76mm
dark form.
180.00 EUR